Southeast Geometry Seminar

SGS XV: Monday, December 7, 2009
University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Southeast Geometry Seminar (SGS) is a semiannual series of one day event sponsored by:

The organizers are: Vladimir Oliker (Emory), Mohammad Ghomi and John McCuan (Georgia Tech), Fernando Schwartz (UTK), and Gilbert Weinstein (UAB).

This year we will have two new features:

  1. A poster session. Please contact us if you plan on presenting a poster.
  2. An evening public lecture by our plenary speaker, Sergiu Klainerman,

8:15 AM - Poster Session & Refreshments - Campbell Hall 451

9:00 AM - Morning Session - Hill University Center - Room 411

9:00 AM - Natasa Sesum (U Penn)
On gradient Ricci solitons

Abstract: tba

10:00 AM - Alexandru Ionescu (U of Wisconsin)
On the uniqueness of stationary black holes in vacuum

Abstract: I will discuss recent work on the uniqueness of the Kerr solution among regular, stationary solutions of Einstein vacuum equation. This is joint work with S. Klainerman and S. Alexakis.

11:00 AM - Sergiu Klainerman (Princeton University)
On the formation of trapped surfaces in general relativity

Abstract: I will talk on some recent results in collaboration with I. Rodnianski. The results simplify and generalize the recent breakthrough of D. Christodoulou concerning the formation of trapped surfaces in general relativity.

12:00 PM - Lunch

1:30 PM - Poster Session - Campbell Hall 451

2:30 PM - Afternoon Session - Hill University Center - Room 411

2:30 PM - Alex Freire (UTK)
Mean curvature motion of triple junctions of graphs

Abstract: We consider a system of three surfaces, graphs over a bounded domain in ℝ2 , intersecting along a time-dependent curve and moving by mean curvature while preserving the pairwise angles at the curve of intersection (equal to 2π/3.) This deffines a two-dimensional parabolic free boundary problem, for which we prove short-time existence of classical solutions (for sufficiently regular initial data satisfying a compatibility condition). For the corresponding symmetric problem (a graph over a time-dependent domain intersecting ℝn at a constant angle and moving by mean curvature) there are also results on long-time behavior.

3:30 PM - Christian Hainzl (UAB)
Quantum oscillations prevent the big bang singularity in an Einstein-Dirac cosmology

Abstract: We consider a spatially homogeneous and isotropic system of Dirac particles coupled to classical gravity. We find a mechanism where quantum oscillations of the Dirac wave functions can prevent the formation of the big bang or big crunch singularity.

4:30 PM - Poster Session - Campbell Hall 451

6:00 PM - Evening Session - Hill University Center Auditorium

6:00 PM - Sergiu Klainerman (Princeton University)
The Mathematical magic of black holes

Public lecture open to the public. Click here for Sergiu Klainerman's bio. Click here for the poster.

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