Southeast Geometry Seminar

SGS XXV: Sunday, October 26, 2014, University of Tennessee Knoxville

The Southeast Geometry Seminar (SGS) is a semiannual series of one day event sponsored by:

The organizers are: Vladimir Oliker (Emory), Mohammad Ghomi and John McCuan (Georgia Tech), Fernando Schwartz (UTK), Junfang Li (UAB), and Gilbert Weinstein (previoulsy with UAB).

Thanks to an NSF grant, we have funds to support participants, particularly students and recent Ph.D. recipients. We encourage women and minorities to apply. To apply please write to us.

There are five talks during this one-day event. Each talk contains a 50 minutes presentation followed by 10 minutes Q&A session.

8:30 AM - Breakfast is served in Ayres Hall 405

Invited speakers :

Sigurd Angenent, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Facundo Memoli, Ohio State University
Thomas A Ivey, College of Charleston
Kenneth Steven Knox, University of Tennessee
Omer Bobrowski, Duke University

Morning Session

9:30AM - TBA

Abstract: TBA

10:30AM - TBA

Abstract: TBA

12:00 PM - Lunch is served in Ayres Hall 405

Afternoon Session

1:30PM - TBA

Abstract: TBA

2:30PM - TBA

Abstract: TBA

3:30PM - TBA

Abstract: TBA

4:30 PM - Snacks are served in Ayres Hall 405

Authored by:

Junfang Li and Gilbert Weinstein
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